Years ago I began my journey of writing songs. It is a journey because I write of my dreams and experiences both beautiful and sad and those same songs take me to new places and feelings, both real and imaginary. Since I started writing about 50 years ago I have many, many songs I wanted to share. This page is dedicated to just that, sharing my music with family, friends, followers and music lovers the world over.  I hope my music speaks to your heart the way it does mine and you enjoy the journey as well. 


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A medium, 

that transports

the soul and heart to a place or time, in the past, the present or the future.     


Born in 1950 I was raised in a music loving family and started playing drums at the ripe old age of 6. Performing by the age of 9, I was hooked on music for life.  Even as a child, banging away on the drums was an emotional outlet. By my late teens and early adulthood I found song writing to be the ultimate platform for pouring out emotions and dreams.  I haven't stopped since. The Sailin' On album features works from the 60's all the way up to my newest works in the last few years.

​I did some recording in the 70's and 80's at home recording studios but Sailin' On is my 1st CD produced in a professional studio and I believe my best work to date. 

I have found that I not only love writing and performing music but also enjoy the entire production process. Each has it's own challenges and rewards and I look forward to continuing to produce and perform for many years to come.

Currently my wife, Shaun, and I reside outside Marsing Idaho and love the rural life.   We have an amazing daughter, Lea, and a delightful granddaughter, Victoria.  We still have horses, dogs  and cats to keep us humble. We enjoy traveling ALL THE TIME, visiting such wonderful locales as New Zealand, Alaska, Ireland, Costa Rico, New England, and many more. 

We both have been selling real estate for over 3 decades (each!) in California and Idaho.  While we love our clients and the challenges of selling real estate we look forward to devoting more time to travel when we retire.

As I mentioned, I enjoy the performing aspect of music and belong to 3 local bands in Idaho. The Fabulous Chancellors, a 60's and 70's classic rock band, The Sons of Thunder Mountain, an American acoustic group performing a mix of folk, county and soft rock and The Original Rocketeers a 50's dance band.

"Sailin' On" Album

  • Sailin' Man3:41
  • John Deere And Souvenirs3:43
  • As Daylight Breaks3:19
  • Little Girl3:05
  • At The Rendezvous3:39
  • Uptown, Downtown3:04
  • Crispin4:18
  • You and I3:02
  • Truly4:55
  • Gloss-Eyed Fever2:48
  • Dreams In June3:19
  • The Girl Is Love3:45
  • Believe In Me3:17
  • Listen To What Your Heart Is Saying4:48
  • A Little Bit Of Sunshine3:26